The Introduction

IGLU' is a market leading product that was created and patented for the realisation of sanitary spaces, ventilated cavities, under-floor cavities, ventilated floors and roofs during the construction and restoration of civil and industrial buildings. This result of an ingenious idea dating back to 1993 considerably improved building methods. The innovative capacity of IGLU' has received numerous successes and recognitions on a national and international level, quickly confirming it as a product of excellence in the building world.

The modular, plastic IGLU' formworks, placed side by side in sequence according to a predefined direction, make it easy to quickly create a self-supporting pedestrian platform above which a concrete layer is cast in order to easily and economically create a ventilated slab placed on pillars with the below cavity area available for the passage of systems but above all ventilated to eliminate rising humidity and radioactive gases.


A ventilated under-floor cavity created with IGLU' represents an effective, quick and economic solution that makes it possible to send humidity and dangerous Radon gas to the atmosphere, which is beneficial to our health.

The air cavity formed by the IGLU' modules can be connected to the outside with simple pipes. This creates a natural air flow that crosses the cavity and eliminates moisture and Radon gas (if present) by natural convection.

• Reduction of manpower requirements by up to 80% in comparison to traditional systems.
Drastic reduction in the use of concrete and aggregates as the arch form permits maximum resistance with a minimum thickness.
• Possibility to implement, in a single solution, foundation beams and the slab with the help of the L-Plast accessorie.
• Adaptable to non-standard spaces as the modules can be cut without underpinning.
• Ease of positioning due to lightness and simple linking of the modules.
• Simple adaptation to various perimeters.
• Quick and immediate cutting and shaping of the modules.
• Passage of the underground systems in every direction.
• Creation of a barrier against humidity.
• Tightness against rising damp.
• Effective ventilation in all directions.
• Disposal of any RADON gas.
• No point of contact between the concrete and the ground.
• Perfect transpiration of the perimeter wall.


These images show the concentration of condensate which actually accumulates under our floors, these are the capturing images of the high levels of rising damp at ground floor level in Malta. By natural ventilation the IGLU' system succeeds to evaporate all this humidity.

The exact shape of the IGLU' modules has been carefully studied to give maximum ventilation and offer the minimum of air resistance within the structure created, as long as the cavity is adequately connected with tubes to the outside of the building. The incoming air should flow from ground level on the north-facing side, with the exit tubes for out-going air on the south-facing side (or alternatively west to east), to ensure that the humidity is eliminated and radioactive gases (like radon) are dispersed outside the building.


Disposable formwork for ventilated under-floor cavities.