Building Solutions


Disposable formwork for ventilated under-floor cavities, to eliminate humidity and rising damp


Recycled polypropylene formwork designed to create lightened slabs and rafts. Various benefits like soundproofing & concrete saving


Disposable formwork for ventilated subfloor height from 56 cm to 300 cm. Perfect for water seepage

IGLU` Green Roofs

Ideal for creating roof-top gardens, without damaging the waterproofing, solving the problem of the passage of systems and providing solutions for draining & ventilating green spaces, which are necessary for the garden. It also makes it possible to level the surface without burdening the structure.


V-GreenĀ® is a support for climbing plants to employ for the vegetable covers of perimetric walls of a building. A modular and flexible product made from recycled plastic UV-stabilized and environmentally friendly. Which offers easy and affordable realization of true vertical gardens.