Assembly method

Step 1.

Position the first element to the upper left with respect to the work surface, making sure that the arrow is pointing up.

Step 2.

Join by overlapping the elements in sequence, by horizontal row, proceeding from the left towards the right and from the top downwards (following the direction normally used for writing), as shown graphically on the crown of each unit.

Step 3.

To join the units in sequence, be careful to perfectly link the “male-female” hooking elements at the base of the support feet (see photo sequence).

Method for creating under-floor cavities

1. Preparation of the natural ground.
2. Preparation of the lean concrete foundation, to be sized according to the loads and capacity of the ground.
3. Positioning the L-Plast panel around the foundation beams after positioning the necessary reinforcements..

4. Positioning the linking male/female formworks, working from the left to the right, from the top down, making sure the arrow is facing upward.

5. Laying the welded mesh Ø6 mm 20×20 above the formworks.

6. Casting the concrete starting from the centre of the arc, letting it go inside the legs of the Iglu’.

To ensure a correct installation and perfectly created under-floor cavity please refer to the product’s usage requirements.


Disposable formwork for ventilated under-floor cavities.