The Introduction

The V-Green® (Vertical Green) system is an opportunity to bring life and greenery in urban grey.

V-Green is a support for climbing plants to grow and cover the perimetric walls of a building. V-Green offers easy and affordable realization of true vertical gardens, which produce effects of compensation, mitigation and improvement not only on the building but also on the surrounding environment, thanks to the purifying action of the absorption of CO2 and fine dust. Moreover, it provides both aesthetical and psychological benefits.


The ongoing global warming, the pollution in urban areas and the need to reduce energy consumption require solutions to mitigate the effects of these phenomena. The use of “green” for buildings is a viable technical solution to these economic and aesthetic problems. For this reason, the theme of the vertical green has become a constant in recent years in the architectural design for both new and renovated buildings.

Protection of building surfaces from sunlight and from the effects of rainwater,
Thermal insulation and barrier protection from the wind, resulting in energy savings,
Improvement of the microclimate by lowering the external heating: at night the vegetation prevents heat loss, while in daylight hours, it absorbs the heat due to perspiration keeping the building cooler,
Sound insulation: the presence of green and its substrate opposes a natural barrier to the spread of noises,
Improving air quality: through chlorophyll synthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, and certain species, also absorb particulate matter and pollutants,
Improvement of the aesthetics and reduction of visual impact,
Increased biodiversity: it creates ideal habitats for plants and birds,
Visual and psychological benefits: the presence of vegetation, especially in cities, where it is lacking, spreads positive feelings, reduces the stress and relaxes.


V-Green is an excellent tool for urban architecture that condenses, into a single application, aesthetics, technical performance of insulation, protection of the building’s external surface and improvement of the environment.
V-Green is used on new or renovated buildings for any use: residential, office, commercial, industrial and public buildings such as schools, hospitals, and goverment buildings.